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Updated on Tuesday 16th May 2017

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All companies opened in Malaysia have to be incorporated at the Malaysian Company Register, represented by the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM), a body working under the Ministry of Domestic Trade. Foreign investors who want to set up a company in Malaysia can receive assistance on the requirements of the SSM from our team of company incorporation specialists

Companies Commission of Malaysia

The Companies Commission of Malaysia (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) was established in 2002 as the main body supervising the registration of new companies. The SSM represents an institution from which other investors can gather relevant information on other companies operating in Malaysia, which are required to provide to the general public various details about their business activities. 

More details on the registration requirements established by the Companies Commission of Malaysia are available here: 

Services provided by the Malaysia Company Register

From the incorporation of a company in Malaysia up until its dissolution, the businessmen will have to provide several documents at the SSM

The trading name, which has to be proposed by the shareholders of the new company, is registered at the SSM by following several rules; for example, it is recommended that the trading name should be formed from a maximum of 50 characters, including the spaces between words. It is important to know that several business names are not accepted, as prescribed by the local legislation; our team of company formation agents can offer more information on these trading names. 

When registering a company in Malaysia, the investor should submit the Business Registration Form, containing information on the following: 

•    the business name;
•    the place of business;
•    the address of the branch (if applicable);
•    information about the shareholders/partners;
•    business activity and the field in which the company will carry out its operations.

The document must be signed by all partners and filed on the online platform of the institution. 

Persons who need to receive more information on the Malaysian Company Register can contact our team of company incorporation consultants



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