Why is Malaysia an Attractive Country for Foreign Investors?

Updated on Tuesday 22nd August 2017

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Why is Malaysia an Attractive Country for Foreign Investors? Image
Malaysia is a multicultural, multilingual society and also a fast growing state and has a newly-industrialized economy with liberal market strategies meant to promote trades, private enterprises and industrial and economic growth. 

Initiatives assumed by the government of Malaysia and the private sectors are investor-centered and business-friendly with the primary aim of boosting market progress. This has changed Malaysia into one of the most active business environments in South East Asia.

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Main areas of investments in Malaysia

Malaysia has a varied economy with active contribution in business by both the public and private sector. Even though conventionally, a commodities-led economy services have contributed to the country's recent economic development and now it is the central sector of the economy.

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Main economic activities in Malaysia are: manufacturing, services, tourism, export trade and commodities, like natural rubber and timber, palm oil, petroleum etc. The information technology is also a rising industry.

Benefits for foreign investors in Malaysia

Together with a number of government incentives for investments, Malaysia offers the following competitive benefits for all foreign entrepreneurs:

•    a skilled labour force with fairly low income taxes;
•    many liberalisation programmes that welcome foreign investment across a large number of segments;
•    economic and political stability;
•    an extremely developed transport and communication structure.

The most important trading partners of Malaysia are United States, Japan, China, Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia and Germany.

Despite being unfavourably affected by the economic crisis, that covered most of the countries all over the world, the Malaysia’s economy contracted by 1.7% in 2009 and then rapidly improved, facing positive development rates in the following years.

Economic specialists say that Malaysia’s growth is expected to remain strong also in 2016, so foreign investors should take advantage of the prosper business environment in the country.

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