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How to open a company in Malaysia

Our company incorporation specialists offer services of company formation in Malaysia to foreign investors who are seeking to expand their business activities in this country. Our company can provide you with assistance for the registration of the different types of legal entities available in Malaysia for foreigners. With an extensive experience on the incorporation process requirements, our company formation specialists in Malaysia can facilitate the registration of a business, respecting the rules and regulations of the local legislation. 


Procedures for opening a company in Malaysia 

The incorporation process consists in drafting the company’s articles of association, alongside with the registration of compulsory documents; the company will be registered either as a company limited by shares, either as an unlimited company

Our company incorporation specialists can offer you details related to the requirements that have to be fulfilled in order to open a company in Malaysia, such as the minimum number of associated partners, directors or company secretary and other aspects. Foreign investors interested in establishing a company in Japan can receive similar information from our Japanese partners.

When opening a company in Malaysia, our company incorporation specialists can file for a proposed business name by completing a form and paying a fee of RM 30 for the proposed name (you can propose up to three names). The approval will be received from Companies Commission of Malaysia, to which the incorporation documents must be submitted no later than three months after receiving the approval for the trade name. 

After the documents are approved, the newly formed company will receive a Registration Certificate.

Below, investors can watch a short presentation on the main services related to the opening a company in Malaysia: 


Company registration services in Malaysia

Our company formation specialists in Malaysia can further assist you by providing other types of services, such as: 

•    virtual office
•    accounting;
•    opening a bank account, necessary for your company in Malaysia;
•    comply with the local taxation system applicable to foreign companies, including registration for value added tax;
•    consultation on the tax minimization or exemptions your company may be entitled to (if the company set up in Malaysia is a beneficiary of a double taxation agreement signed by the  Malaysian government with a contracting state, the company will be exempt of several taxes, as stipulated in the treaty). 

If you need further information on the company registration services offered here, please contact our Malaysian company incorporation specialists. In case you are interested in establishing a business in Hong Kong, we invite you to contact our partners who are experts in Hong Kong company formation matters. In case you intend to start a company in a European country, such as Switzerland, we can put you in touch with our partners: Experten in der Firmengründung in der Schweiz. Furthermore, businessmen in need of professional Irish company formation services can receive assistance from our Irish partners.
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