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Updated on Tuesday 04th May 2021

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Entrepreneurs interested in the business market in Malaysia should know that they can establish a business presence through the use of a virtual office in Kuala Lumpur or any other major city. This is created for foreign investors who want to have a flexible contact with business partners and clients on the Malaysian market. The virtual office in KL offers a set of advantages and our specialists in company formation in Malaysia can provide legal assistance and advice to businessmen interested in this type of office

Which are the main characteristics of the virtual office in Malaysia?  

One of the main characteristics of a virtual office in Malaysia is that the business owners can benefit from a wide set of services that can help increase the value of a company. The virtual office in Kuala Lumpur or other city is a suitable option for various types of businesses which can conduct their operations in a modern way

Our company formation specialists in Malaysia can help foreign investors in choosing specific services provided by a virtual office in KL, such as a prestigious business address in an area which is suitable for the entrepreneurs. Businessmen who want to open a company in Malaysia can receive, at the address of the virtual office, corporate mail and e-mails from various parties; our specialists can provide a phone number and a professional receptionist, who can answer in English or Malay

The correspondence received at the chosen address can be forwarded to the investor, according to the instructions given by him or her. Another important aspect is that a virtual office in Malaysia can provide a meeting room, equipped with the technology necessary to establish a contact with a client/partner, such as video-conference equipment

The benefits of a Virtual Office in Malaysia

Who should choose the services of a virtual office in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)? 

The virtual office in Malaysia is the perfect solution for the investors who own a small business incorporated in this country or elsewhere and it can also be an appealing way to enter the local market for the businessmen who have set up a start-up company. The virtual office will increase the level of corporate identity, as the company’s business partners will be able to contact the investors at an official business address

Why choose the services of a virtual office in KL? 

Investors who want to open a company in Malaysia should know that the virtual office represents a cost saving solution, as there are low costs related to the maintenance of the business. Also, another advantage is that if the company has employees, they are not required to be hired only from the Malaysian workforce, since the employees can conduct their activities from a remote location

Which are the main advantages deriving from a virtual office in Malaysia?  

As mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons investors choose to set up a virtual office in Malaysia refers to the small costs associated with this option, compared to starting a business in the traditional manner. Some of the top advantages of a virtual office in Kuala Lumpur are: 
  • work flexibility – by choosing the services of a virtual office, the investors will be able to perform their business activity at any given time, from any location, an aspect that is also available for the company’s employees (if applicable);
  • reducing the risks associated with operating a business – this is given by the fact that the investors will not have to conclude capital expenditures related to the company’s office (office rent, utilities costs, office equipment and others), thus reducing the liabilities associated with these matters;
  • increase the level of productivity – since there is no need to perform the daily tasks from the company’s office, the employees will not have to waste time of the commute;
  • the rentention rate of the employees – since this type of business relation tends to be more flexible, the rentention rate of the company’s employees is higher than in the case of a traditional office, as the employees feel less confined by their job; also, this leads to a lower rate of leave applications

Below, investors can watch a short presentation related to the virtual office in Malaysia

If you need further information on the virtual office in Malaysia, please contact our Malaysian company formation specialists, who can offer assistance in this sense and can offer more details concerning the advantages of having a business presence in this country through a virtual office