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Updated on Wednesday 07th December 2022

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Foreign investors who want to open a company in Malaysia should know the characteristics of the local workforce. The structure of the workforce is very important when setting up a company in Malaysia because investors should have an appropriate workforce from which they can choose employees for their companies, in accordance with the operations of that certain business. It is important to know that the Malaysian workforce has a high degree of education, as the local authorities are offering close attention to the education system. Our team of company formation representatives in Malaysia can provide more details on the attributes of the local workforce

The characteristics of the Malaysian workforce 

An important aspect of the local workforce is the level of education, which is a developed one. Malaysian human resources are young and productive, while the cost referring to their employment is a competitive one, compared to other Asian countries

The following video offers a short presentation on the Malaysian workforce:

Young persons who are seeking a job in Malaysia have a high level of literacy and foreign investors should know that, in terms of education, such persons have completed at least 11 years of studies. 

At a national level, Malaysia offers more than 400 colleges – comprised of polytechnic institutes and industrial training studies. At the same time, it is important to know that Malaysia has 20 public universities and 21 private universities, offering courses in a wide range of educational fields; our team of company incorporation agents in Malaysia can offer more details. 

Incentives referring to the employment of the Malaysian workforce

Investors who open a company in Malaysia should know that they can benefit from several governmental incentives when hiring Malaysian human resources. In 1993, the local government created the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF), to which local and foreign companies can apply to when training local employees

The fund is available for companies that hire more than 10 employees

Setting up a business in Malaysia is a fairly simple process, even for foreign entrepreneurs. But in order to eliminate the language barrier and have the guarantee of straightforward procedures, we recommend you contact our local company formation agents in Malaysia. They are at your disposal with specialized help for the preparation of the necessary documents, the opening of a local bank account, as well as the registration for the payment of the related taxes. Contact us for free case evaluation in the first place.

Businessmen who want to find out more information on the Malaysian workforce and the types of training available under the HRDF can address to our team of company formation consultants in Malaysia for assistance.