Company Formation in Malaysia

Updated on Wednesday 07th December 2016

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The company formation process in Malaysia refers to the drafting of articles of association of the new company, alongside with the issuance of various documents required by the Malaysian legislation. The founding partners of the business should provide their personal documents, such as passport copies and residential address. Foreigners interested in opening a company in Malaysia can register it at the Companies Commission; our company formation specialists can provide you with assistance for the registration process. 

Registering a company in Malaysia 

Both local and foreign entrepreneurs are required to register the future company at the Companies Commission of Malaysia, by submitting an application containing a proposed company name. If the company name is accepted, the investor will be required to submit the registration documents; our company formation specialists in Malaysia can offer you assistance in this sense.  

Below, investors can watch a short video referring to the main aspects of company formation in Malaysia

The registration documents must be submitted within three months from the date of approval of the trading name. According to the Malaysian legislation, the registration process requires the following documents: 

•    memorandum and articles of association, in which are specified the directors, company’s secretaries and founding partners;
•    statutary declaration by a director or promoter before appointment, in which the directors testify that they have not been convicted or imprisoned; the director must also declare that, at the moment of incorporation, he or she is not bankrupt;
•    declaration of compliance with the Companies Act –  signed by the company’s secretary;
•    a letter from Companies Commission of Malaysia, attesting the approval of the trading name of the company;
•    copy of the identity card of the directors and secretary.

Legal entities in Malaysia 

According to the legislation stipulated by the Companies Act 1965, an entrepreneur can incorporate a company in Malaysia under two legal entities: 

•    company limited by shares, which can be set up as private limited company or as a public limited company (allowed to sell shares);
•    unlimited company.

If you need further information on the company registration in Malaysia, please contact our company formation specialists for consultations. 



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