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Updated on Monday 22nd August 2016

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Local or foreign investors who are interested to open a company in Malaysia and who consider they should receive assistance of specialists, familiar with the local legislation and with the requirements of the incorporation process, can require the services our team of company formation consultants in Malaysia

Our representatives can provide a wide range of services, which can refer to other aspects of the business environment, such as the purchase of a shelf company or the establishment of a virtual office, which are a modern way of presenting a business on a foreign market, carried out with minimum costs. 

Those who want assistance on their specific situation can meet with our agents specialized in company incorporation in Malaysia to discuss on a corporate matter by receiving a free initial evaluation; our agents will establish a plan for your request and will provide an answer as soon as possible. 

Open a company in Malaysia 

Our consultants can provide assistance for a wide range of corporate services, referring to the following:

•    company incorporation services – it refers to the legal steps through which a company can be registered in Malaysia; the investor will have to propose a company name, choose a legal entity available for him or register at the local authorities for taxation;
•    virtual office – our consultants can offer their experience for foreign investors interested in establishing a virtual office in Malaysia, which represents a flexible manner to conduct businesses with international partners;
•    accounting services – our agents can perform accounting services, which can refer to payroll, bookkeeping or filing for Goods and Services Tax (GST); 
•    shelf company services – foreign businessmen who want to establish their business presence in Malaysia in a short period of time can opt to purchase a shelf company, which is a ready-made business that can start its business operation in 1-2 days after the purchase. 

Our company formation consultants in Malaysia can offer an in-depth presentation on the services they have expertise in. If you need to establish a meeting on a corporate matter, please contact our agents for a free initial evaluation