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Updated on Thursday 12th January 2017

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Foreign businessmen who want to establish their presence in Malaysia have numerous investment and trade opportunities on the market. Most individuals choose to open companies in the tourism sector, food industry or construction. The hotel business is quite flourishing and profitable because Malaysia is one of the most visited countries in the world. Here, the foreign entrepreneurs are welcomed to do business and recommended to open a hotel in Malaysia, with 100% ownership and USD 2 million minimum share capital. The company registration procedure in Malaysia is accessible and can be explained by our company incorporation specialists in Malaysia.

Requirements to open a hotel in Malaysia

Besides reserving a name for your hotel, drafting the articles of association, registering with the tax authorities and submitting the documents with the Companies Commission of Malaysia, there are about 22 important approvals (grouped in four stages) you need to obtain before opening the hotel. Among them, we mention the pre-operational approvals category and the employee registration. It is good to know that setting up a hotel in Malaysia may be a simple process if the building is ready to be used and occupied, being necessary only 12 approbations before starting the activities. Or if you want to buy a hotel, the licenses are already approved and available.

Our representatives in company formation in Malaysia can offer assistance and guidance for all foreign investors when deciding to open a hotel in Malaysia.

Necessary licenses for a five-star hotel in Malaysia

A five-star hotel in Malaysia can be a great option for any overseas entrepreneur who wants to make good profits and to enjoy the benefits of such business. There are certain licenses to obtain before starting the activities as a hotel in a big city in Malaysia and here we remind the following, also known as Composite licenses:

•    license to sell alcohol beverages at the bar, coffee shop or restaurant;
•    license to create a swimming pool and a parking lot;
•    license to use commercials and advertisements in the hotel;
•    license for all indoor facilities and also entertainment;
•    license to open a beauty salon.

You may ask for additional information about how to open a hotel in Malaysia from our team of company formation agents in Malaysia, if you contact us.


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