Liaison Office in Malaysia

Updated on Thursday 28th September 2017

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Foreign businessmen who are interested in the business opportunities which can arise in Malaysia can establish here a liaison office, which is also referred to as a representative office. A liaison office can’t carry business operations in Malaysia, as it can be used only for the identification of various business prospects available on the local market. The activities carried out under a liaison office in Malaysia are useful for the head office of the company, which is established in another country. Entrepreneurs who need further information on the representative office in Malaysia can address to our company incorporation representatives in Malaysia

Characteristics of a liaison office in Malaysia  

Those who want to set up a liaison office in Malaysia should know that this type of business establishment does not require incorporating the company following the provisions of the Companies Act 1965, as the office will not carry commercial activities in Malaysia

Investors are invited to watch the video below, which presents how to set up a liaison office in Malaysia:

A representative office is funded from non-local sources and for the registration of the office you will need the approval of the Malaysian government. The main purpose of a representative office is to collect information useful for the main company, establish business relations with local and foreign partners and conduct research and development services; our team of company formation specialists in Malaysia can offer further details. 

Activities carried out through a Malaysian liaison office 

The local legislation prescribes only a few types of activities which can be conducted through a liaison office

The main activities refer to the following: 

•    planning business activities;
•    gathering information for possible business opportunities and investments on the local market;
•    conducting feasibility studies;
•    research and development studies;
•    coordinating the activity of the company’s subsidiaries;
•    other activities which do not refer to commercial transactions. 

Investors who need further information on the registration of a liaison office in Malaysia can address to our team of company formation agents in Malaysia for assistance.