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Updated on Tuesday 23rd August 2016

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Malaysia offers for local and foreign investors the opportunity of buying a ready-made business and also listing a new company. The shelf firms can do any sort of business as long as they don’t break the law or other local rules.

On the other hand, for certain kind of industries, you might be required to have or to apply for licenses, approvals, permits or registration with the related government institutions or organisations. Therefore, our team of specialists in company formation can deliver the needed information and proper guidance in case you want to buy a shelf company or to open a company in Malaysia. In this country, all shelf companies are inactive, without any savings account, and they have never initiated any trade activity, so all of them do not have any obligations. Our company formation experts in Malaysia can help you with an immediately agreement or contract, so you can start your business right away, without wasting time for a new company registration process.

What are the shelf companies in Malaysia?

The shelf companies are listed for "General Trading" and can do all sorts of commerce, respecting the Malaysian laws. All these shelf companies in Malaysia are accessible anytime and instantly.

Any foreign investor can be the legal possessor of this type of company, after he has acquired it and he doesn’t have to wait for the registration procedure which takes generally ten working days. After making the payment, with the guidance of our specialists in Malaysia, the investor can legally have the ready-made company within 24 hours.

Important steps for having a shelf company in Malaysia

Our team of company formation specialists in Malaysia will arrange for you to take over the board of executives of the firm, after existing directors will resign. The next step is to transfer the shares to their new shareholder/s, having into consideration that the necessary documents have been signed. Our representatives in Malaysia will also offer “letters of insurance” signed by the preceding company executives, approving that the enterprise was inactive, has no problems and has not initiated any trade.

If you have any other questions about purchasing a shelf company or you want to open a company in Malaysia, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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