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Updated on Tuesday 03rd January 2017

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Labuan is a special region of Malaysia where investors can benefit from numerous tax incentives. The company formation procedure is much simpler in the jurisdiction of Labuan and businessmen can choose from two main types of companies: Labuan international company and the Sendirian Berhad (SND BHD) – which refers to a private company. Those who are interested in opening a company in Malaysia can register a Labuan international company, which provides several advantages, many related to the taxation of the entity. Our team of company formation consultants in Malaysia can offer in-depth details related to the registration of this type of legal entity. 

Register an international company in Labuan  

Foreign investors interested in company incorporation in Malaysia should perform several compulsory steps in order to open an international company in Labuan. The businessmen will first have to register the company, a process which starts by establishing the business purpose of the entity, as well as its internal structure. The businessmen will also have to propose up to three trading names for the business

Foreign entrepreneurs will also need to obtain relevant visas when registering a company in Labuan, Malaysia and in this sense we mention that it is necessary to obtain the Labuan business visa. An international company registered here will have to comply with the following relevant authorities:

•    Labuan Financial Services Authorities;
•    Inland Revenue Authority;
•    Malaysia Immigration Department;
•    Central Bank of Malaysia.

Our team of company formation representatives in Malaysia can offer more information related to the compliance with the local authorities. 

The advantages of a Labuan international company  

The Labuan international company provides several advantages to its investors. Firstly, it allows the registration of the company with 100% foreign ownership. The minimum share capital of the company is established at USD 1 and the business entity can have up to 50 shareholders. 

Such companies do not require obtaining trading licenses for various activities, which are normally required for other business forms

At the same time, they benefit from the provisions established by the double taxation treaties enforced here. The tax for the company’s net profits is set at 3% for international sales, while sales performed in Labuan, Malaysia, are taxed at the rate of 24%. 

Investors who have further questions on the Labuan international company are invited to contact our team of company formation agents in Malaysia for more details. 



January 3, 2017

I consider that this type of company represents the best option for businessmen involved in import-export activities.

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