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Updated on Monday 29th August 2016

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Recruitment companies are crucial when searching a suitable candidate for a job opening, as they have the know-how and the infrastructure to identify such candidates. Those who open a company in Malaysia and who are searching for employees in Malaysia request the assistance of recruitment companies, which are established to provide specific services related to this matter. When opening a recruitment agency in Malaysia, the investor should follow the registration procedure applicable under the local legislation and our team of company incorporation representatives in Malaysia can offer guidance on each step referring to the registration of a new company

Registration procedure of a recruitment company in Malaysia  

According to the rules and regulations applied by the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM), a foreign investor has two options when entering the Malaysian business market. He or she can incorporate a new company at the SSM or register an existing foreign company at the same institution. 

However, it is recommended to open a new company in Malaysia, so that the investor can benefit from various tax exemptions or deductions applicable to local companies

It is important to have a trading name which is unique on the Malaysian market and this can be checked at the SSM. After the institution approved the trading name, the investor should present the incorporation documents (the articles of association and the memorandum), stating the legal entity of the company at the SSM within three months from the date the businessman received the above mentioned approval.  The investor will have to pay various taxes at the SSM for the registration procedure, which is established in accordance with the share capital of the new company; our team of company formation agents in Malaysia can assist in this matter. 

Recruitment services in Malaysia  

Companies established in Malaysia as recruitment agencies provide various services, available for both natural persons seeking for a job in this country, but also for legal entities which are in need of employees

The recruitment services are performed by recruitment agents, persons who have an extensive experience in the field of human resources. Such companies offer online platforms in which persons seeking for employment can submit their CVs. At the same time, these agencies can offer career consulting services and job placements established by industry/specialization, or by region.  

Entrepreneurs who are interested in finding out more details on how to open a recruitment company can address to our team of company incorporation consultants in Malaysia




July 4, 2016

I consider that a recruitment agency which provides quality services on the local market can have very good business opportunities.

Shivendra Tripathi

July 22, 2017

If possible I want a virtual office there in Malaysia or hard office with proper RPO registration Pvt ltd or proprietor registration.

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