Establishing a Publishing Business in Malaysia

Updated on Wednesday 17th October 2018

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Investors who are interested in establishing a publishing business can choose, as the location for their new company, Malaysia where this industry has developed in the last years. The Malaysian publishing industry presents positive prospects and it is expected that the field will further grow by 2020, as the publishing companies will implement to higher degree the modern means of technologies in their printing and publishing activities. Our team of company incorporation representatives in Malaysia can offer assistance for the registration of a publishing business on the local market. 

Register a publishing company in Malaysia  

The main institution that handles the registration procedure is the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM), a body established in 2002 with this specific purpose. The investors have few options in terms of the legal entity under which they will incorporate the company, but it is important to know that the Malaysian legislation became more liberalized in the last decade and several business fields now allow full foreign ownership, under specific conditions. 

The following video offers information on how to start a publishing business in Malaysia

The investors will need to submit the following documents when registering the company at the SSM

•    company’s trading name;
•    company’s business activities;
•    the identity cards or passports of the directors;
•    the identity documents of the shareholders;
•    the shareholders' structure. 

All businesses in Malaysia are registered following the same procedures, but there are specific differences given by the business fields in which such companies operate. For example, a publishing business will require the issuance of a special permit – the publication license, which is necessary for companies with operations in the field of publishing magazines or books; our team of company formation agents in Malaysia can offer more details. 

Publishing industry in Malaysia  

The publishing industry has flourished in many countries as a consequence of new technologies which have also addressed to this field. In the last years, the consumer market has become more interested in e-books, which are actually PDF files that can be read on special devices which provide a reading experience similar with the one of the traditional books

The industry is represented by several associations, such as the Malaysia Printers Association or the Malay Entrepreneur Printing Association

Businessmen interested in receiving more details on the publishing industry in Malaysia can address to our company incorporation consultants in Malaysia