Swedish Investments in 126 Manufacturing Projects in Malaysia

Updated on Monday 20th November 2017

Swedish Investments in 126 Manufacturing Projects in Malaysia Image
Swedish investors have helped at the development of the Malaysian manufacturing industry, through constant investments in this sector. By the end of 2017, the Swedish investments in the manufacturing projects are estimated to reach RM 200 million. The value of the investments in the first half of the year was very solid, reaching a total amount of RM 130 million. Swedish investors who want to open a company in Malaysia in the manufacturing sector should take into consideration that the top projects are carried out in the field of machinery and equipment; our team of agents in company formation in Malaysia can provide in-depth information on the corporate regulations available for the manufacturing sector

Swedish investments in Malaysia in 2017  

Besides the machinery and equipment investments, Swedish investors were also interested in the following sub-sectors:
transport equipment;
electrical and electronics sector
Swedish businessmen interested in company registration in Malaysia must also know that Sweden is very well represented on the Malaysian market on the service sector (retail, furniture and construction companies). Our team of specialists can provide legal assistance on the legislation related to the above mentioned sectors. 
At the level of June 2016, Malaysia approved a total number of 126 Swedish investment projects in the manufacturing sector. The Swedish participation in these projects have a total worth of RM 2,69 billion and they were responsible for the creation of more than 8,200 jobs on the local employment market. Also, Sweden has very good prospects on the Malaysian market in the field of environmental technology
It is also important to mention that Sweden represents the 37th largest trading partner of Malaysia (at a global level). 

Swedish exports in Malaysia 

Sweden is also active on the Malaysian market on trading matters. Swedish companies export the following products to Malaysia:
processed foods;
engineering products;
chemical products;
equipment for the telecommunication market
Swedish investors are invited to contact our team of consultants in company registration in Malaysia for in-depth assistance on the incentives provided by the Malaysian government for specific business activities, including the manufacturing sector