Reasons to Invest in the Malaysian ICT Sector

Updated on Monday 14th May 2018

The Malaysian information and communication technology (ICT) sector provides a set of competitive advantages, as the local authorities offer several programs which aim at the development of this industry through various investments. Investors who want to open a company in Malaysia in the ICT industry must know that the country’s profile on this matter is highly developed, with a solid broadband infrastructure provided by four mobile carrier operators. Our team of specialists in company registration in Malaysia may offer in-depth assistance on the main incentives addressed to foreign businessmen who want to invest in the ICT sector

Main trends related to the Malaysian ICT sector 

Foreign investors can find relevant business opportunities related to the ICT industry in specific sub-sectors. In order to further increase the value of a company operating in the ICT sector, the investors should know the current trends of this Malaysian industry, which are represented by the following: 
there is an increasing trend of using smaller ICT devices and gadgets;
mobile technology provides services related to interactive multimedia;
cloud computing increased in popularity, alongside with other modern technologies, such as social media applications, the Internet of Things and wearable devices.
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Main business opportunities for foreign companies investing in the Malaysian ICT secto

Besides the above mentioned ICT trends that are currently developing on the Malaysian market, foreign companies can invest in other top activities carried out on the local market, as follows: 
infotech (Innovative Digital Solutions);
global business services;
creative content and technologies
One of the main reasons why investors should start the procedure of company registration in Malaysia in the infotech subsector refers to the fact that the country is the leading jurisdiction on this matter in the Asian region. The country is seen as a local hub for infotech activities
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