Projects to Develop Transportation in the Next Three Years

Updated on Saturday 21st January 2017

Projects to Develop Transportation in the Next Three Years Image
The five-year plan for Malaysia (2016-2020) contains important projects related to the means of transportation in the country. Although there have been many other investments in this sector, the government plans to unify the transportation system and change it into something new and easy for all tourists and citizens. Our company incorporation agents in Malaysia are ready to offer you suitable information and guidance about how to set up a company in Malaysia.

Strategies to develop the means of transportation in Malaysia

The Central Spine Road in Malaysia, the west and east coasts expressway in peninsular Malaysia besides the Kota Bharu-Kuala Highway are among the important projects for the next few years where certain strategies and investments will be implemented. The rural and the urban road highways are top priorities for the Malaysian authorities who want to improve the economic situation of the businesses in the entire country. The intercity public transportation in Malaysia is also set to be developed and this means air, bus, and railway transport. The rapid transit in Klang Valley was a major success in 2016 and 31 stations will be added this year in the second stage of this important project. The aim is to increase the exports with the help of suitable transportation and proper logistics and to offer as many choices as possible for both citizens and tourists.

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Malaysian ports to develop in 2017

The sea transport is also a significant sector where improvements are already planned for this year.  Klang, Penang, Kuching, Johor, Tanjung, Sepanggar are the main container ports in Malaysia where important trade activities are registered every day. This sector will also encounter changes related to trade competitiveness and transport efficiency in order to connect the Eastern Malaysia to the peninsular Malaysia. Specific studies made by institutes in charge are now in progress and will identify new methods related to the framework for evaluating port expansion objectives. The energy, the logistics, the utilities, the infrastructure, and engineering will be consolidated in the years to come, and future investments will change the status of the Peninsular Malaysia, making it a secure player on the international market.

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