Palm Oil Export Revenues in Malaysia Increased by 15% in 2017

Updated on Tuesday 13th March 2018

The Malaysian revenues deriving from palm oil exports and palm oil based products increased by 15% in 2017, reaching RM 78 billion. At the level of 2016, the revenues from palm oil exports had a total value of RM 67.5 billion, as mentioned by a representative of the Plantation Industries and Commodities Ministry in Malaysia. Investors who are considering expading their activities in this industry can receive information on the main regulations available here from our team of consultants in company formation in Malaysia

Malaysian palm oil exports in 2017 

The Malaysian palm oil exports increased at a rapid pace in 2017 due to the efforts of the local institutions for expanding this business activities on other markets. 
Those who want to open a company in Malaysia related to this activity should know that in 2017 the country exported palm oil and palm oil products to Iran and Saudi Arabia. At the same time, the tax break on exports of Malaysian palm oil had produced positive effects on the total revenues, as it helped local companies to enter into more export activites. Our team of representatives in company registration in Malaysia can assist foreign investors on the export policies applicable in this country. 

Palm oil production in Malaysia 

Malaysia is one of the world’s largest palm oil producers. In terms of exports, Malaysia accounts for 44% of the global palm oil exports and, in terms of production, it represents one of the largest markets, as it accounts for 39% of the global productionMalaysia benefits from several processing operations concerning the extraction of palm oil, which can be further refined in order to manufacture other palm oil based products
Malaysia is specialized in obtaining two types of palm oil, as follows:
palm oil extracted from the pulp of the fruit;
palm oil extracted from the seed of the fruit
If at the level of 1975 Malaysia had less than 1 million hectares of palm trees, throughout the decades, the total area of planted land increased at a fast pace, reaching in 2011 almost 5 million hectares
Businessmen who want to start a business related to the palm oil industry are invited to contact our team of specialists in company formation in Malaysia for in-depth advice on the procedure.