Malaysian Exports to Grow by 21% by the End of the Year

Updated on Wednesday 22nd November 2017

Malaysian Exports to Grow by 21% by the End of the Year Image
The Malaysian exports will increase in the last months of the year, sustained by a solid demand. The estimated growth of exports in Malaysia is set at 21%. Those who want to open a company in Malaysia should also know that both the imports and exports had relevant values in the third quarter of the year. Our team of specialists in company formation in Malaysia can provide in-depth assistance on the regulations related to import-export activities. 

Malaysian exports in 2017  

One of the top activities that increased at a rapid pace in 2017 is the electrical and electronics exports, as the external demand on such products increased. 
Other top export activities refer to the following products:
petroleum products;
manufacturing of metal products.
Foreigners interested in starting the procedure of company registration in Malaysia should also take into consideration the fact that the local gross domestic product (GDP) will reach in 2017 the top estimated value issued by the authorities (which predicted an increase of  minimum 5.2%  and maximum 5.7%). The GDP growth was sustained through the increase of the export activities, as well as the internal demand
The country’s total export volume is highly influenced by the trade of manufactured goods and imports from China. Our team of agents in company formation in Malaysia can advise on the trading partnership available with this country. 

Top export activities in Malaysia

At the level of 2016, the top Malaysian exports were represented by the following products: 
electrical machinery and equipment;
mineral fuels (including oil);
machinery (including computers);
animal and vegetal fats;
optical and medical apparatus;
plastics and plastic items;
rubber and rubber items;
organic chemicals;
Last year, the highest growth rate was observed in the case of optical and medical apparatus, followed by a strong demand for organic chemicals and other categories of chemicals. 
Investors can receive further advice on import and export activities here from our representatives. Please contact our team of agents for consultancy services.