International Living: The Malaysian Healthcare System, One of the Best in the World

Updated on Monday 27th March 2017

International Living: The Malaysian Healthcare System, One of the Best in the World Image
The Malaysian healthcare system ranks as one of the best at a global level, in a study conducted by International Living, a company which publishes an international magazine related to the quality of life in various countries. According to one of its latest studies - Annual Global Retirement Index 2017 - Malaysia ranked for the third consecutive year as having the best healthcare system in the world, in a study that comprises 24 nations. Investors who are interested in opening a company in Malaysia related to this field will need to obtain special business permits and licenses, on which our team of company registration representatives may offer an in-depth presentation. 

Indexes referring to the Malaysian healthcare system 

The authors of the study analyzed 24 countries across the world and the results were obtained taking into consideration the following aspects: 

•    the cost of medical procedures;
•    facilities which are available in the respective country;
•    quality of the local hospitals;
•    number of hospitals;
•    quality of the doctors;
•    number of available doctors;
•    affordability for obtaining healthcare

Foreign investors who are interested in company formation in Malaysia in the field of the healthcare services should know that the country provides a very well developed system which can meet international standards. Moreover, the services provided here are high quality, being delivered at affordable prices. 

Investors can operate in this field by providing various products necessary for the healthcare system, such as different medical devices, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. Each of these sub-systems are regulated by a set of laws and our team of company formation agents in Malaysia can offer more details. 

Private healthcare in Malaysia  

The legislation related to the medical system allows the company registration in Malaysia in the private sector, which is a growing industry. At the same time, the local government is interested in establishing public-private partnerships in the field of healthcare

Foreign investors should also know that, if they provide medical devices, it is compulsory to register with the Malaysian Medical Device Authority prior to starting the business activities in this country. 

Businessmen are invited to contact our team of company formation consultants in Malaysia for more details on the legislation regulating the business activities carried out in the Malaysian healthcare system


March 27, 2017

This is a very good aspect on the healthcare industry!

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