How to Choose the Name for Your Company in Malaysia

Updated on Friday 10th March 2017

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Local and foreign businessmen have always been interested in making numerous and fruitful investments in Malaysia, considering the main sectors with excellent financial reports. The same trends are settled for 2017 in the manufacturing sector, services, health, education or trading, where entrepreneurs are invited to explore the possibilities. If you want to open a company in Malaysia we advise you to solicit proper help and complete assistance when choosing the name for your enterprise from our company incorporation specialists in Malaysia. They can also provide you with details about the company registration procedure in Malaysia.

Aspects to consider when choosing the name of your company in Malaysia

If you are an investor from abroad who wants to set up a company in Malaysia, you can ask for information and guidelines from our advisors. The first step when deciding to register a company in Malaysia is to choose a name, which must relate to your future activities, if possible. It is recommended to avoid the common names, so that your company shares a unique title on the market, to avoid possible coincidences. The Companies Commission of Malaysia is in charge with the registered enterprises in the country, where more than one million firms have suitable names and activate on the market. Some businessmen choose to create the titles of their companies by adding and combining the first and the last letter of their names. This way you can create a unique name for your company in Malaysia, without worrying is already taken.

Our specialists in company formation in Malaysia are here to guide you in this important step, like choosing the right name for your business in the country. Besides that, you can receive guidance in the company registration process in Malaysia.

The impact of a good company title in Malaysia

According to specialists, the recipe of success starts with a good name for a company, a title with a positive impact and easy to remember. Finding a name for your company might be a difficult task at the beginning, but deciding on the future activities, considering the board’s proposals and asking for suitable advice from or Malaysian company formation consultants, this won’t be an issue anymore. An important aspect to consider is that you must be competitive and to overcome any complication or obstacle on the market, by choosing a suitable name for your company from the beginning. As a final piece of advice, you might want to avoid the long names that no one can remember.

We kindly invite you to contact our team of company formation agents in Malaysia, if you have decided to set up a business and you want details about how to choose the name for your company in Malaysia.

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