Highest Growth in the Last 29 Months for Malay Industrial Production

Updated on Tuesday 17th October 2017

Highest Growth in the Last 29 Months for Malay Industrial Production Image
The industrial production in Malaysia registered the highest growth measured in the last 29 months, increasing at the level of August 2017 by 6,8%.The industrial production index (IPI) increased at the level of August by 0,6% compared to the situation of the previous month and our team of specialists in company formation in Malaysia can provide in-depth assistance on the rules of law referring to industrial activities in this country, as well as on the specific incorporation procedures available for the investors who want to open a company in Malaysia  registered in the industrial sector


Industrial production in Malaysia  

The industrial production in Malaysia increased to a higher level than the original estimates, which situated the growth for the month of August at 5,8%. The growth registered this month (6,8%) is close to the record value measured at the level of March 2015, when IPI increased by 6,9%. 
Businessmen who are considering starting the procedure of company formation in Malaysia must know that the economy of the country is increasing, as the gross domestic product (GDP) estimates for 2017 are showing a GDP growth of 5,3%, while in 2018 it might increase at a slow pace, reaching 5,4%, in the context in which the GDP growth for 2016 was situated at only 4,2%. The estimates for this year and for 2018 are a direct consequence of the increased activities in the industrial production sector. Our team of agents in company formation in Malaysia can provide further information on the requirements applicable to industrial companies

Key activities for the industrial production in Malaysia  

The industrial production in Malaysia is comprised of several types of activities. One of the most important business activities refers to the the manufacturing sector. Investors interested in opening a company in Malaysia must know that the activities in the manufacturing sector increased by 5,3% in the third quarter (on a year-to-year basis), while other top activities were performed in the mining sector, for the following sub-domains:
natural gas;
• crude petroleum production
Also, another reason for the development of the industrial production is due to the export levels registered in the first eight months of the year. 

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