Fund Managers, Optimistic About the Outlook of the Local Investment Market

Updated on Wednesday 09th August 2017

Fund Managers, Optimistic About the Outlook of the Local Investment Market Image
The economic outlook of the Malaysian market offers important business opportunities in terms of investments. At a local event – the 13th edition of the Invest Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, it was announced that Malaysia is an advanced emerging market and the country’s economic growth provides numerous aspects in this sense. Investors who want to open a company in Malaysia may find investment opportunities on the financial market, an increasing field of activity. Our team of company formation agents in Malaysia can offer assistance on the legislation regulating this industry. 

Investments in Malaysia in 2017 

The event gathered more than 950 fund managers and it was held by the Bursa Malaysia, the local stock exchange, and an international investment bank. A representative of the Bursa Malaysia declared that the event developed over the years, gathering at this edition more than 1,900 participants

Foreign businessmen interested in starting the procedure of company registration in Malaysia in the financial sector must know that the fund managers participating at the event (who hold assets under management of an approximate value of $20 trillion) declared that they are optimistic on the investment opportunities that can arrise on the Malaysian market

At the same time, investors should know that fund managers and other parties related to this field of activity received assistance from the local authorities (policy makers, institutional investors) on the country’s strategies for investment purposes. Our team of company formation representatives in Malaysia can offer further assistance on the investment policies available for foreign businessmen. 

Malaysia offers attractive investment incentives and, at the aformentioned event, Bursa Malaysia launched a new service available for small and medium sized (SME) companies operating on the investment market Leading Exchange Entrepreneur Platform (LEAP)

LEAP in Malaysia 

As mentioned above, the LEAP program is addressed to SMEs operating in Malaysia. Foreign businessmen interested in company formation in Malaysia may apply for the LEAP program in specific conditions. For example, a compulsory requirement is to own a legal entity incorporated as a public company registered in this country which is not a subsidiary (or a holding company) of a business form that is listed on the ACE (Access, Certainty, Efficiency) Market

Please contact our team of consultants in company registration in Malaysia for further details on the access on the investment market, as well as on further conditions related to the LEAP program.