Foreign Workers Represent Around 19% of the Total Population

Updated on Sunday 12th February 2017

Foreign Workers Represent Around 19% of the Total Population Image
Foreign citizens who legally work in Malaysia are considered important contributors to the country’s economy, which are part of a mechanism that nowadays represents about 19% of the total population of Malaysia. Our company formation specialists in Malaysia are ready to offer information about the labor market in the country. Besides that, you can request details about how to open a company in Malaysia.

Choosing Malaysia for interesting job opportunities

Malaysia is considered to be a great country, with countless resources to explore. The workforce in Malaysia is the engine that never stops, and many foreigners choose to relocate here and to legally work in important domains like agriculture, manufacturing, construction, engineering, finance or tourism. The Chinese citizens who work in Malaysia are the second largest workforce sector in the country, followed by people from Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal and Vietnam. The authorities in charge with the migration are trying to supervise the overseas citizens who come to work in Malaysia and to offer them complete support, in order to properly work in the country.

As for the foreign entrepreneurs who want to set up companies in Malaysia, we remind that they can receive the necessary information about the company registration procedure in Malaysia, an easy process which can be done within a few days, if the right documents are provided.

Why so many foreign workers in Malaysia?

The Malaysian companies chose to hire overseas workers because the expenses for such contracts are affordable, and can fill in the positions which are usually denied by locals. The dirty and difficult job offers in Malaysia, as they are called, are rejected by numerous locals, which is why this sector is chosen by lots of foreigners from not that stable and developed countries worldwide. But such job opportunities in domains like agriculture, construction or manufacturing are well paid, considering the skills and the difficulty level.

Malaysia is home to many Indonesians who eventually bring their families and settle here. People from India also choose to work and live in Malaysia, and most Chinese people are dealing with work contracts in engineering or IT. After all, the workforce in Malaysia represents 19% of the total population, an interesting piece of a puzzle in a mechanism that sets the economy to a stable level.

You are invited to contact our team of company formation agents in Malaysia if you have decided to set up a company and you need details about the company registration in Malaysia.

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