Business Confidence of Local Investors Remains Strong in 2018

Updated on Friday 06th April 2018

Malaysia has an attractive business market, as numerous entrepreneurs operating here have expressed a strong business confidence for the second and third quarter of 2018. The positive business confidence was expressed especially by small and medium sized companies operating in Malaysia, as well as by large corporations, in the context of a strong economic growth of the local market. Our team of specialists in company formation in Malaysia can assist businessmen with advice on the incentives available for investments in this country. 

Reasons for positive business confidence in Malaysia 

The positive business confidence expressed by Malaysian entrepreneurs was observed accross all business sectors. Indices for business confidence were situated at 56.8 in the case of large corporations and at 52.5 in the case of small and medium sized (SME) companies. Our team of consultants in company registration in Malaysia can offer advice on how to invest in a specific economic sector available in this country. 

The increased business confidence was caused by the companies’ turnover and employment levels, two indexes that have shown the highest growth. Compared to the last survey conducted with local businessmen, the employment increased by two points, reaching 60.6 in the case of large corporations, while SMEs registered an index of 57.7, marking an increase of 1.2 points

Investors who want to open a company in Malaysia should know that, in terms of employment, the local businessmen consider that the growth momentum will continue in the following six months. 

Domestic businesses - highest business confidence in Malaysia 

Most of the companies which have expressed a positive business confidence (operating as SMEs and large companies) are domestic businesses. The current situation is also positively influenced by the level of exports concluded in Malaysia

It is important to know that the highest level of business confidence was observed in the case of companies operating in the retail industry

Investors are invited to contact our team of agents in company formation in Malaysia for in-depth advice on the regulations applicable to the retail sector